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At first thought we may think creation is a simple process, once we have a good idea. What must not be neglected is the fact that the creation process started long before the brillant idea arrised.

We'll start by describing creation clearly, then dissect it, determine the prerequisites for it to occur, and finally apply it to PSI.

Definition of creation

Action of building a principle or object able to do a specific yet possibly complex task.

Dissection of the creation process into distinct sub-processes

The creation process is a recursive process where all components and sub-components (and so on) must follow the following steps:

  • Specification: define clearly the target goal with as much detail as possible, be it in words, images, audio recordings or any other mean.
  • Conception:
    • list all needed components;
    • dissect these components until reaching an existing or known component;
    • build a plan of the reverse process.
  • Construction: execute the plan built in previous step.



Anything we wish to build, do, access, etc must pass through the creation process in order to achieve a solution, simple or not.

When wishing to create anything, it is always essential to believe the goal is achievable. Otherwise we won't even make the needed effort to determine the needed components. Simply doubting the possibility of something blocks us from defining the second step of the creation process.

Application in PSI

Prerequisites seen in the previous section apply to any domain, including PSI. We must first know or at least accept that something is feasible before even considering to do it. As soon as we're confident that we're able to achieve it, we'll search for a way to get it done by all means necessary.

We will never be able to build anything if we say it won't work. Thus it is important to believe in the possibility of doing it, even if it's very difficult.

This step can seem extremely complex at this stage because it's unknown. On the other hand it will become simple once we'll have mastered it, as with any other existing concept or technology.

As for the creation process in itself, it remains the same. We first have to determine clearly what we want to do, define an approach to do it (meditation and visualization for example), and apply this approach to the letter with the conviction that it will happen.

Author: Julie Pelletier





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